Exclusive: BTS of Indya Moore x Ray-Ban’s #ProudtoBelong

Actor and activist Indya Moore proves their

Ray-Ban has given us an exclusive look behind the scenes at the Indya Moore x Ray-Ban’s #ProudtoBelong Campaign. Indya Moore has partnered with Ray-Ban to create a campaign that celebrates unique paths and the universality of uniqueness, just in time for last month’s Pride festivities. Early in their life, Moore was faced with adversity and found Mother Nature to be their safe space. Nature, which is inherently and unconditionally free-spirited and accepting, has always spoken to Moore making the Pose star and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2019 the perfect collaborator. Even moreso, Indya’s own journey of overcoming hardships makes them the perfect representative for the Pride-themed #ProudtoBelong campaign. The best part? Moore looks just as magical behind the scenes as she does in the finished shots.

Check out the exclusive Behind the Scenes glimpses of actor and activist Indya Moore for #ProudtoBelong below.

Indya Moore

Indya Moore Indya Moore

Indya Moore

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