Inez & Vinoodh at Gagosian

Inez & Vinoodh at Gagosian

Photography: Inez & Vinoodh

Longtime V contributors Inez and Vinoodh have opened a new door at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris. Here, their photographs are displayed with accutely curatorial marks, each in a series of three. It's a reference to the ancient practice of triptych display, but the images here tell a less linear story than a tapestry-bound hunt. Looping a portrait of Lady Gaga with an anonymous head of hair and a study of snowdrops, the juxtapositions feel at once natural and comfortably coercive. Masters of manipulation,  the duo have ushered in the movement of digitally enhanced photography, bridging the classic with the fantastic since the 1990s. Their eye for the cutting edge is found throughout stories featured in every major fashion magazine, but the old country is omnipresent, too, in the traditional ideals placed on each work. The Dutch masters have influenced the duo over the years in their still lifes, as have photography greats Robert Maplethorpe, Irving Penn, and Nobuyoshi Araki in portraiture. Newest to the canon are the artists' take on a time-honored tradition of flower renditions. The Inez & Vinoodh version of the still life is a modernist's: the agency is placed on the still subject, but the artist's hand has undoubtedly brought it to life.

Inez & Vinoodh's work is on display at the Gagosian in Paris until March 9th.


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