Introducing Alternative Artist: KNDRGRTN  

Michigan-native drops new EP Sleeping With My Clothes On.

Hot off the release of his EP titled Sleeping with My Clothes On comes KNDRGRTN, a budding alternative artist that disrupts the music scene with his genre-bending sound. Inspired by classic rock bands like The Strokes as well as hip-hop and even 90’s grunge rock, KNDRGRTN’s music remains fluid, ebbing with inspiration from his favorite music—not just one genre.  

 Though for the Michigan native, music wasn’t always the obvious path. Growing up as an athlete, KNDRGRTN was pursuing sports and had even made plans to play collegiate football. Over time, one thing became clear—his obsession with creating music overpowered his desire to do anything else.  

 Today, in lieu of his newest release, Sleeping with My Clothes on, KNDRGRTN breaks down his early adulthood and surroundings touching on multiple themes.  

 “My EP is a combination of memories and experiences articulated through music the best way possible,” KNDGRTN says. “A lot of themes covering love and emotions, vices, and the confusing journey we’re all on.”  

 What sets the 21-year-old apart from the rest is his unique sound—one inspired by a litany of legendary musical artists and bands. With a diverse sound that includes hip-hop beats, dreamy guitar riffs and haunting lyrics, KNDRGRTN deems himself an alternative artist with hip-hop influenceAs an innate creative, for this emerging artist, his music as a whole is just an extension of himself as an individual.  

 Its a therapeutic outlet for me to tell my stories in a fun way,” he says.  

 Though looking ahead, the breakout artist looks forward to creating more content via video production and film for music videos and more. And as much as he appreciates the creative process of music, KNDRGRTN is already expanding creatively as he’s developed an interest in painting, acting, film and directing. In the meantime, be sure to check out Sleeping with My Clothes On, available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. To keep up with the latest on KNDRGRTN, follow him on Instagram at @kindrgrtn or visit his website at

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