Introducing Dior’s ‘Rose des Vents’ Instagram Filter

Add some glamour to your selfies with this AR experience.

As a homage to the bijouterie designs of Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie, Dior is immersing itself in an augmented reality experience with their newest Rose des Vents filter. These luxury medallions from the Dior Joaillerie collection hover gracefully throughout the screen, alluding to a “sky sprinkled with gold and diamonds.”

Users can interact with this elegant filter by simply tapping onto any of these twirling emblems, creating an interactive, ethereal-like vision of glamour. With the addition of Christian Dior’s lucky star gracing the screen with its presence, the Rose des Vents filter will make any story a true visionary experience. 

To begin experimenting with the Dior Rose des Vents filter on Instagram, click here

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