Introducing: Prada Possible Conversations

Everyone’s favorite brand has a special gift for you.

Dreamt of being able to ask questions to your favorite fashion figures, artists, filmmakers, and other creatives? Welcome to Prada Possible Conversations, a series of live digital talks exploring culture, fashion, and life via Instagram. 

Empathetic to these strange times, and in an effort to connect and create dialogue between thinkers (from philosophy and psychology to literature), renowned fashion icons, and artists from all different backgrounds, Prada is bringing an escape and a cultural address right to your phone, evaluating the impact of the moment in which we live. Speakers are brought together on Prada’s Instagram  to engage in live, real-time conversations in discussions that promise to be enlightening, engaging, perhaps relevant to these times.

On April 14 at 6pm CET, you’ll be able to stream the first Prada Possible Conversation between author, curator, and Artistic Director of Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture Residency Pamela Golbin, and Alexander Fury, fashion features director of AnOther Magazine and Men’s Critic of the Financial Times. The topic? ‘Fashion in Times of Crises’. 

Each Prada Possible Conversation will also result in a donation from Prada to UNESCO, whose work during the COVID-19 pandemic focuses on the importance of culture, creativity, and education for over 1.5 billion students worldwide affected by school and university closures. By supporting these initiatives, Prada hopes to demonstrate the vital exchange between fashion and society.

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