Introducing the MC20, Maserati’s Latest Boundary Breaking Supercar

Accompanied by a major launch event in Modena, Italy.

Born and raised in Italy, the world renowned luxury car company, Maserati, is welcoming a new addition to its already effortlessly cool family. The Maserati Corse 2020, or MC20, is the fresh new voice of Maserati, announced at the MMXX: Time to be Audacious event, broadcast digitally from Maserati’s home in Modena. 

To mark the start of their new and exciting phase, Maserati held an appropriately over-the-top launch, looking a little like a Pink Floyd light show for cars. The event was complete with VIP guests, attending in compliance with COVID regulations, forty-four different Maserati models parked around the theatre, and an expertly curated soundtrack.

Maserati never fails to bring excitement to its audience, and certainly wowed luxury car enthusiasts and press alike with the reveal of their first supercar in fifteen years. 

The dynamic MC20 represents Maserati’s long history of creating highly coveted sports cars that value speed and comfort, while still propelling the brand in an entirely new direction. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and carefully-thought out design elements, the Maserati Corse uses an electric drivetrain option for the first time in Maserati history, letting the rest of the motor vehicle world know that they’re staying at the top of their game.

The MC20 also brings versatility, offering options for racing or simply to take out on the open road, with vibrant and bold custom color options, or the sleek styles you know and love, letting us know that Maserati can do it all. 

The MC20 wouldn’t be complete without Butterfly doors for dramatic entrances and exits, and of course it’s powered by the aptly named Nettuno engine, channeling the Roman God, Neptune, for an almighty sense of strength to go with their Trident emblem. For a brand that pays such attention to detail, it’s no wonder that Maserati consistently delivers an experience through their work and next-level engineering. 

With the MC20, Maserati shows us that the future has endless opportunities in store, and they can’t wait to bring us along for the ride. 

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