Iranian-born Entrepreneur Zeinab Mehdi Poor Spills On How She Turned Passion into Profit

What Drives Zeinab Mehdi Poor? Love For Beauty, Fashion, and Super Cars.

We all want the life that we’ve always dreamed about. Yet, for some, it appears as an impossible ideal that can never be. However, for others, the life they wish to lead, love, and live, is the driving force behind their every action and endeavor. One such individual is Zeinab Mehdi Poor. Her success is matched only by her passion for the finer things in life.

For Zeinab Mehdi Poor, the good life wasn’t just a dream, she believed with every ounce of her being, that it was also her destiny. From an early age, the Iranian born entrepreneur’s love for beauty, fashion, and supercars led her on a journey of self-improvement and development, which continues to this day. “For me, money has always been a means to an end,” explained Zeinab, who earned renown in the financial sector at accounting before she was an influencer. She continued, “I was always attracted to anything which had strong aesthetic sensibilities. I’ve always been able to appreciate the beauty in everything, particularly people, travel, fashion, and cars. You put these three things together, and it’s an intoxicating recipe.”

 Zeinab graduated from Ahwaz University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Accounting, and from Masjed Soleyman Azad University with a Graduate Diploma in Graphics. After school came work, and Zeinab wasted no time landing a job at a private accountancy company where she learned the intricate art of making money for herself and other people. Feeling the need to prove herself, Zeinab founded her own accounting company, a leading light in Masjed Soleyman. Although Zeinab prides herself upon solving many financial problems for her considerable portfolio of clients, she also has another passion, social media. 

Zeinab explained, “Initially, social media was a tried and tested platform to build my company’s digital presence, but I was also drawn to posting content that related to my lifestyle and travel experiences. It proved a real hit with my audience, and I thought I should try my hand at becoming an influencer.” The decision paid off. Zeinab has a massive fanbase on Instagram who adores her posts, which revolve around lifestyle, travel, and luxury cars.”


Zainab revealed, “With great success came great wealth, which has allowed me to live my dream. It’s a life I’ve always been determined to have from an early age. M driven work ethic comes from my innate love for living the life I always wanted.” Zeinab hopes that her journey and the content that she shares online will inspire and motivate other people to strive for their dreams. Zeinab knows from experience that hard work always pays off.


Zainab added, “I always tell people, I don’t love money, I love the freedom it can bring you. Friends and family always come first, but there’s no harm in spoiling yourself and others once in a while, is there?”


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