Iris Van Herpen x Dom Perignon

Iris Van Herpen x Dom Perignon

What Happens When Haute Couture And Rosè Bubbles Collide? A Fruition Of Phantasmagoric Proportions, Of Course

What Happens When Haute Couture And Rosè Bubbles Collide? A Fruition Of Phantasmagoric Proportions, Of Course

September 5th, 2014. "I try to find the reciprocity between different forces: nature and technology, traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques… It’s a vision that I hold in common with Dom Pérignon," said Iris van Herpen after an event held during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer '15 celebrating her newest collaboration. Dom Pérignon, the über-French vintage champagne label—renowned for both its succulent taste and rich history—tapped the prodigal Dutch fashon designer to customize their limited edition vintage 2004 bottle and gift box, inspired by metamorphosis. The collaboration, aptly titled "The Power of Creation," is far from being Dom Pérignon's first—David Lynch, Karl Lagerfeld and Jeff Koons are a few notable alumni—but it is however the first time the champagne brand has so wholly embraced Haute Couture.

Van Herpen, who launched her eponymous label in 2007 has been a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture since 2011. Since then, it has reached new levels of frock-making that sybarites and intellectuals alike have come to admire, if for anything, its innovative, insect-inspired construction.

Van Herpen creates wearable works of art and has flawlessly forged an aesthetic like no other: part science fiction, part fantasy, part dark idiosyncrasy (think ornamental metal corsets and sculptural wooden mini dresses). Not a stranger to collaborations herself—she's previously worked with leaders and innovators in architecture, music, and science—for Dom she created Cocoonase, a made-to-order sculpture, subliminally implementing the champagne's most treasured ally: time.

The piece, unveiled at the event on Wednesday, takes on a multi-faceted nautical experience, reminding one of a seashell, an egg, and coral all at once. "When I create fashion, each time I integrate a unique treatment of materials, or sometimes even create completely new materials," van Herpen exclusively told V. "The goal in collaborating with Dom Pérignon was to adopt the same spirit of daring and innovation that guided Dom Pierre Pérignon to make ‘the best wine in the world’ by relying on his intellect, imagination, intuition and exacting standards. My fashion creations often incorporate a structured element, and I wanted to highlight the precise nature of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 by representing it as a wearable sculpted structure."

The avant-garde collaboration was unveiled at the Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation in Red Hook, Brooklyn: a non-profit organization dedicated to melding art, science and education into one endless discussion. Founded by artist Dustin Yellin, the space was converted for the night into a neon nocturnal rendez-vous.

Guests first arrived in the gallery section, where a projected fashion film featured Anja Rubik wearing van Herpen's designs. By the time one got to the beautifully lit outdoor area, the ultimate entertainment included a bevy of contortionists performing in shiny bodysuits to an eclectic soundtrack that included The Cure's "Lovesong" and Aaliyah's "Try Again." The new bottles and gift boxes, imprinted with the Cocoonase futuristic mark in dark neon green and fuschia, could be admired in the middle of the bar and abundantly enjoyed—naturally.

"The act of creation in any form requires faith and daring," van Herpen wrote, in an email post-event. "Illuminated by a flash of inspiration, creators turn boldly to face the unknown so to manifest a brilliant idea into a concrete work, they must break rules. And in turn, trust their talent, persistence and vision.”

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