Is 2023 the Year of the Power-Bob?

New year, new hair. From Lizzo to Kourtney Kardashian, see who’s entered 2023 with the power-bob.

Almost one month into 2023, the “New Year, New Me” mentality is undoubtedly taking center stage, as chopping off the old hair weight is becoming increasingly more popular. Since the start of the year, the power bob has become the hairstyle that has dominated all social media feeds.

Time and time again, Hailey Bieber has shown to be the queen of trend-setting, from her glazed donut skin to holographic nails down to her famous Erewon smoothie and her new haircut will certainly be no different, especially as Bieber is not the only celebrity to have made the chop.

The Bob is truly an individualized haircut that can be tailored to each person, hence why this haircut is the one of the season.

Hailey Beiber

Image courtesy of Hailey Beiber / Instagram

Whilst this is not her first rodeo with a bob, Hailey Beiber started this year with an extreme chop. Shorter than she’s been in a long time, Beiber is certainly rocking the bob and ensuring to carefully pair her outfits with her new hair. Beiber is adding yet another trend to her list and others are surely going to follow as this hairstyle is already set to be the one of 2023.


Image courtesy of Lizzo / Instagram

Lizzo is yet another icon rocking a new bob in 2023.  Lizzo debuted a completely new look on her Instagram a few days ago including blonde highlights, bangs, and a bob to start the year. Although she is usually someone who wears her hair longer, her new hair transformation is quite dramatic but well-suited.

Emma Chamberlain

Courtesy of Emma Chamberlain / Instagram

Famously switching up her hair, Emma chamberlain has been a part of the bob squad for a minute now but is taking her short hair to new levels this year. After debuting another one of her new hairstyles on Instagram, she opted for a mullet-style bob this time around. Chamberlain has changed up her hair multiple times in the last few months from ginger to a brunette bob and suits the short-haired look well. We can expect her to stay in the bob era this year.

Jenna Ortega 

Image courtesy of Dave Stanwell / Instagram

The Wednesday star has chopped it all off. Jenna Ortega entered the new year with a fresh cut going from hair well below the color bones to a fringed bob, Ortega was clearly looking to switch things up to start off the new year and is certainly suiting the look.

Claire Foy

Image courtesy of Gregory Russell / Instagram

Actress Claire Foy is going back to her short hair. After growing her hair out for a few years, Foy went back to her roots by chopping a bob just a few weeks ago. Short hair has always been the actress’s go-to and after spending some time with it long, Foy decided to go back to her comfort zone for 2023.

Megan Fox

Image Courtesy of Megan Fox / Instagram

Megan Fox has also entered the year with a new hair-do. Choosing a shoulder-lengthed bob with a fringe, as a natural brunette, she also dyed her hair blonde to switch things up.

Kourtney Kardashian 

Image courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian / Instagram

Whilst Kourtney Kardashian has gone for short hair multiple times in the past, she continuously rocks and elevates the bob look. Kardashian is following alongside other A-listers with her shoulder-length hair. This hairstyle is quite an easy one to pull off and is low maintenance compared to longer hair, and can easily be styled, probably why many are going for this look.

Laura Harrier

Image courtesy of Laura Harrier / Instagram

Laura Harrier is rocking the undone power bob look. Looking effortlessly chic, the power-bob is the 2023 go-to hairstyle so far.

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