Isabel Marant Goes From Paris to Pantin for SS21

Marant documents the architecture of movement, albeit in isolation.

The streets of Paris practically exude haute couture, and all its metonyms. Yet, on occasion, there comes a certain monotony with the word Parisian, repeated time and time again. For those seeking refuge—literally or metaphorically—the neighboring metropolitan region offers a chance to take a moment of pause, and to indulge escapist fantasies.

Isabel Marant is all too familiar with Paris, having been a lead French designer for nearly a decade. In an industry that has no translation of the word ‘rest’, the ongoing quarantine mandated a change of pace—a welcomed one for Marant. Her most recent collection stems from the aforementioned moment, embodying the serenity which follows motion sickness.

Marant’s Menswear SS21 came to existence alongside the Canal de l’Ourcq, at the Centre National de la Danse. The location carries significant weight: Marant recognizes clothing as a form of corporeal architecture, constantly drawing inspiration from the dimensions and methodology of architects. If “dressmaking is the architecture of movement,” as Balmain wrote, Marant sought to capture ongoing movement, an architecture less rigid and confined. 

She certainly does so: the pieces are meant to be rolled up and tied around the waist, a form of irreverence, accompanying a casual stroll (or even a lyrical ballet). There’s pastel jackets and pieces made of ikat, each more effortless than the next.  

Join Alpha Dia and Braien Vaiksaar on a day in National Dance Center in Pantin, here


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