Isabel Marant Launches “BALSKEE” Wedge Sneakers

With height and comfort, celebrity’s favorite Wedge Sneakers are back 

When Beyoncé was wearing wedge sneakers in the music video for her single “Love on Top,” these sneakers were destined to be popular. Ten years ago, Isabel Marant’s BEKETT was the ticket to the fashion world and the fashion statement made by celebrities and fashion icons. Ten years after its launch, the brand is bringing back the iconic wedge sneaker. 

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gisele Bündchen, Marion Cotillard and Kendall Jenner were BEKETT’s endorsers. Since its release, the BEKETT has sold over 200,000 units worldwide. This time in 2021, drawing inspiration from the iconic lines of BEKETT and unveiling an innovative sculptural look, BEKETT has been redesigned and renamed BALSKEE.

Priced at $770, the 2021 BALSKEE differentiates from the old Bekett by heights. The new sneaker is added more heights. It stands on ten-centimeter heels, five of which are concealed within a chunky sole – this particular design aims to ensure comfort. With an interplay of colored and textured overstitched leather, an oversized tongue and its row of velcro fasteners, the design stands out for cool girl’s streetwear. Updated with more tones, the sneaker comes in five signature shades, ranging from timeless black to bold yellow. 


“I’ve never stopped wanting to wear them,” Marant said. “The most comfortable things are the things you will always wear and that you are never fed up with.”

The new BALSKEE sneaker is available in the Isabel Marant stores and in June 2021.


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