Forget about raining men, Zegna’s Fall/Winter 2024 show embraced a cashmere downpour. 

Like the truffula trees that were made into ‘Thneeds’ in the Lorax, the orange cashmere falling from the sky translated throughout the collection, “In the Oasi of Cashmere.” This collection aimed to highlight Zegna’s Oasi lab where “a reshaping of matter and a re-mattering of shapes happen.” The collection boasts a boxy structure, with each layer contributing to its relaxed shape. The garments exude sleekness, a quality you can see from a mile away. Long ribbed gloves, bridgeless glasses, round-toed boots, and handbags complete the looks.

Colors are subdued, blending harmoniously with the collection’s neutrals. Even the eye-catching orange cashmere takes on a burnt tint when woven into the garments. While predominantly solid, the collection features a few plaid pieces, with an orange and black plaid overcoat stealing the spotlight. The monochromatic styling accentuates the collection’s textures, introducing a tactile exploration with multi-melange shetland/cashmere, pure cashmere beaver, washed panno, intarsia panno, 3D workwear panno, cashmere-backed plongè leather, pure cashmere terry, and raw denim.

British artist and producer, James Blake, worked with Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori to shape a soundtrack for the runway show that flowed with the motifs of the collection and enhanced the creativity of the environment. As promised, Zegna immersed us in a world of cashmere luxury—here’s hoping they found a sustainable way to handle that heavenly pile.

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