Designed by FENDI’s Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear Silvia Venturini Fendi, the label’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2024 streamlines the juxtaposition of the country and city. 

At the heart of this sartorial journey are the eye-catching work-style boots, paired with gaiter socks that blend functionality and style. Another look features a raincoat boasting a leather collar, accentuated by the addition of a floppy bucket hat. A distinctive work-style bomber-length jacket and plaid patterns capture the essence of the countryside, infusing the collection with rugged charm.

The urban side of the collection is epitomized by the introduction of leather-infused looks but also by a captivating array of bags. An embossed alligator bag, resembling an elongated garment bag, extends past the model’s arms. Meanwhile, a pouch-style backpack elegantly slung across the back adds a twist to the collection. The color palette of the collection unfolds in a spectrum of muted, ‘worn-in’ hues, creating a visual narrative of understated elegance. In tandem with the muted palette, the collection embraces a tapestry of textures, ranging from leather to fur. The interplay of colors and textures creates a harmonious blend, inviting a tactile exploration.

FENDI’s Men’s FW24 collection intricately weaves inspiration from the countryside into every facet. However, the subtlety of urban influence might elude the casual observer. The devil, truly, lives in the details.

Courtesy of FENDI
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