It's Doja's Planet and We're Just Living In It

It's Doja's Planet and We're Just Living In It


It's Doja's Planet and We're Just Living In It

Doja Cat released Planet Her - and it was everything we could've dreamed of.

Doja Cat released Planet Her - and it was everything we could've dreamed of.

Text: Rocio Fabbro

Doja Cat has come a long way from her first viral hit, "MOOO!", back in 2018. The rapper-singer dropped her highly anticipated third album, Planet Her, on Friday. Exploring themes of divine femininity, lust, faithfulness and loneliness, Doja covers a wide range of styles. From sugary pop beats, Afrobeat tracks, R&B and hip hop, she has curated an album full of catchy, campy and sexy sounds.

Coming off of three Grammy nominations from Hot Pink, Doja's hit sophomore album that launched her into superstardom, - with a little help from Tik Tok - expectations were high for Planet Her. With features from Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Young Thug, JID and SZA this star-studded album did not disappoint.

Image via @dojacat on Instagram.

"Kiss Me More," the first single off of the album featuring SZA, became an instant hit and contender for song of the summer with its bubblegum pop sound and catchy lyrics. She later released the first promotional - and unabashedly sexual - single for the album, "Need to Know," setting the tone for the rest of the album.

From fun, funky tracks like "Payday" and "I Don't Do Drugs," the latter featuring Grande, to "Been Like This", an introspective pieces about the end of a relationship, Doja showcases her versatility and spunky personality throughout. It's fair to say, her futuristic sounds are paving the way for the future of pop, hip hop and R&B.

Known for her sense of humor, posting viral Tik Toks and sharing silly snaps on socials (see tweet below), Doja infuses everything she does with her unique persona. That's part of what makes her music so relatable and fresh. Read more about Doja in V's cover story here.

Doja's transition from a pop outsider to one of the biggest names in the industry attests to her star power, with a personality too big to fail. The result: she can pull off pretty much any look, sound and style.

Joining the ranks of superstars The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, many fans have dubbed the trio the "Holy Trinity" for their recent back to back collaborations on several different projects - all of which have been smash hits.

Her sensual music video with The Weeknd for their collaboration on the eighth track of the album, "You Right", created a Twitter storm upon its release. Fans of both artists praised the song and the video for its astrological symbolism and steamy closeups. Watch it for yourself here:

Listen to Planet Her on Spotify here:


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