It’s in Their DNA: Tommy Hilfiger Announces “TH Monogram” for a Reimagination of Decades Past

This season, Tommy Hilfiger is looking back fondly—And this time, with a new perspective.

Thirty plus years may have passed since the early days of Tommy Hilfiger’s innovative prep-wear and East Coast envy, but in a time where coveted archives so often provide creative insight into the future, the brand’s core motifs have hardly seen the last of their spotlight. Staying true to their roots with the tenacity and forward-thought of a proudly global entity, Tommy Hilfiger is using this fall to travel back in time, partnering with acclaimed British illustrator and graphic designer Fergus Purcell for a season of uniquely re-envisioned pasts. Introducing the “TH Monogram”: the lifestyle’s brand’s newest visual take on modernity, reworked.

The journey to revise the namesake monogram—the inspiration behind Hilfiger’s newest collection— required extensive digging into the treasure chest that is the brand’s design history, and a project of such depth and fervor called for nothing less than the work of an expert. In comes Fergus Purcell, the mind behind the updated ‘T’ and ‘H’ interlocking motif. “What I love about [Tommy Hilfiger] is that it’s high impact; very colorful, very confident and very immediate,” the artist says. “These were the inspirations that drove my design, and the desire to make something that was new and iconic but also felt as though it could have existed already. I’m very pleased with the results!”

In selections of men, women, and kidswear, the new graphic staple is depicted in signature shades of burgundy, navy, and snow shite. On puffers, accessories, and unisex options, the monogram repeats all-over for a geometric optical allure. “Since 1985, the ‘TH’ monogram has stood for authentic prep style, playfully reinvented for all,” says Tommy Hilfiger on the refined image. “Fergus Purcell has been a truly inspiring collaborator. His elevated approach and connection to street culture is unique. It has been a joy to reinvent our monogram with him— for 2022 and beyond.”

Just like the monogram features two unequally sized letters in a perfect typographic fit, the brand’s fall collection is classic where needed and unexpected where exciting, and it won’t be long before you find that enhanced visuals aren’t the only valued asset to come this fall. Premium wool and recycled yarns are utilized for coats and knits, while prep classics receive intricate jacquard and recycled down. Statement embroidered monograms and leather paneling are a preview of fine embellishments, and adjustable, layered options make the collection a personal toolkit for customizable self-expression. With unwavering attention to detail and a forever-present identity, Tommy Hilfiger is celebrating the past, with all eyes to the future.

With the announcement of their “TH Monogram” Collection, Tommy Hilfiger is excited to announce their return to New York Fashion Week this fall, taking to the runway in a blended physical and digital experience. Meanwhile, the new monogram is set to release worldwide.

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