ITZY is ‘Not Shy’ in their Third EP

Their latest release confirms what we already knew: ITZY is unabashedly on the way to the top.

Just last year ITZY—composed of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna—debuted with “Dolla Dolla”, garnering mainstream recognition (they even won an awards show nine days after their premiere). In the year and a half since there’s been projects from “Wannabe” to “Icy”, each seeming to delve into a more mature, refined sound. 

Their third project, ‘Not Shy’, comes as another progression for the group, a sort of ode to post-adolescence. If ‘Dolla Dolla’ was the naive novice, ‘Not Shy’ embodies nonchalance, as members navigate the production effortlessly. And they aren’t going to be apologetic about it: “Why, why can’t I just say what’s on my mind?”

The video is just as bold, as ITZY ventures into the Hollywood-esque wild west. Perhaps there’s some embedded commentary on the recent proliferation of Korean culture, a subversion of genre (so to speak). Or, it’s just bad*ass. Either way, we’re on our way to become members of MIDZY (the fan base). 

There’s a brief moment at the end of the video featuring ITZY and some delectable delicacies. It’s very much let them eat cake. Watch the visuals below:



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