J.W. Anderson Talks Moncler Genius Collaboration

In this exclusive V interview, fashion design icon Jonathan Anderson delves into his sophomore collection with Moncler.

The world of fashion is more than familiar with the name Jonathan Anderson. It adorns the labels of garments from J.W. Anderson, Loewe, and more recently, Moncler Genius.

Constantly shifting, moving, and innovating, the British designer walks the line between the abstract and the traditional with “A Nomadic Voyage,” his second collection with Moncler—an elevated, reinterpreted line of outdoor classics with a touch of Anderson’s craft and artistry.

Below, we spoke with Jonathan Anderson about the inspiration, curation, and production of his second collection with Moncler Genius, a pièce de résistance collaboration yielding fragments of the sea, pieces of adventure, creative craftsmanship of Anderson.

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V MAGAZINE: How does this collection differ from your first collection for Moncler Genius?

J.W. ANDERSON: We learned a lot from the first collection that I think helped evolve this one. The first was also focused more on Autumn Winter and this is Spring Summer so we got to try some different constructions and silhouettes.


V: What aspects of Moncler and JW Anderson did you want to merge?

JWA: For me, it’s about merging the technical expertise and adventure, outdoor spirit of Moncler with the ready-to-wear fashion that we create at JW Anderson. Taking a JW Anderson look and making it in puffer, for instance.


V: The idea of adventure is rampant across the collection—what inspired this longing for the seascape and the outdoors?

JWA: I was looking at different art and artists whilst in lockdown and London and there were these paintings by a British artist of a seascape through a window. I really identified with that idea of escapism; of getting outside and heading towards the horizon.


V: The collection is referenced as “A Nomadic Voyage”—can you tell me about how that name came to be, and why it encapsulates the clothes?

JWA: I think it’s really about an adventure and a journey and about finding your way. There is something in nomadic that implies curiosity for me and I think curiosity is key, along with creativity, to creating interesting fashion.

V: The JW Anderson brand is known for its iconic British styles, while Moncler Genius is a pioneer of nature. How did you give Moncler Genius styles your signature touch with this collection?

JWA: We interpreted the codes of JW Anderson, things that we have been doing for a while, into this collection. Patchwork and colour-blocking for instance. And that British sense of fashion that is often about conflict and opposition is there too.


V: The collection is largely utilitarian, punctuated with bright bursts of color and fluid silhouettes. Tell me about your design process and combining functional clothing with modern styles?

JWA: I think that’s the beauty of the Genius project and this collaboration. Each side brings something to the design. The teams at Moncler have this incredible knowledge of craft and technique that go into making the clothes functional and from JW Anderson we have our ready-to-wear collections that we referenced for the fashion.


V: What’s your favorite piece in the collection and why?

JWA: I really love all the pieces with the sail stitching and bright colour-blocking. They make me happy.


V: What drew you to the quilted fabrics across the collection?

JWA: I was actually inspired by a vintage quilt that has been in my family for years. It gives this feeling of craft that I was drawn to.


V: Can you tell me about the sustainable materials used in the pieces?

JWA: Moncler has this incredible expertise when it comes to fabrics and working with the Econyl was exciting because I think we have to take steps wherever we can to be more sustainable.


V: What do you anticipate next for the relationship between JW Anderson and Moncler?

JWA: We’ll have to wait and see…

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