Jack Harlow, Lil Wayne, DaBaby, & Tory Lanez ask ‘WHATS POPPIN’

Listen to the remix below.

Jack Harlow released “WHATS POPPIN” earlier this year (pre-pandemic), instantly amassing millions of streams—over 300 million, to be exact. 

Now, in what seems like an entirely different decade, Harlow seems to have a newfound prowess. He’s already shown he can rap, he’s been named an MTV ‘PUSH’ Artist, appeared on Jimmy Fallon, and heard himself in the background of an undetermined quantity of TikTok videos. “So guess what else I’m going to show you,” he asked Billboard. “I can make some ear candy that you’re going to want to hear 100 times.”

Since the WHATS POPPIN remix was released yesterday, we’ve definitely listened over 100 times. Harlow himself opens the track with a new verse boasting all he’s been able to accomplish in a few short months; the product of years of dedication. DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne all follow, with verses in conversation with each other, each as encapsulating as the next.

“Getting DaBaby and Tory Lanez on the record is very exciting, especially because they both delivered,” Harlow states.”But Lil Wayne hopping on is a dream come true; a real bucket list achievement. Something I can say was done for the place I’m from – Louisville, Kentucky.”

As he continues, “to the top we go”. Indeed, Harlow’s trajectory is one set on an upward track, and we can’t wait to join him on the rest of the journey. In the meantime, stream the WHATS POPPIN remix below.

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