Jaden Smith Aims for Spiritual Awakening with New Clothing Line “Trippy Summer”

In an exclusive interview, Jaden sets his intentions for new collection out today.

After releasing single “Cabin Fever” last week, multi-hyphenate artist, actor, and designer, Jaden Smith launches the rebranding and second era of creative collective MSFTSrep with a new clothing line drop, “Trippy Summer” on July 28th. 

With an ode to the stream of consciousness, spirituality, and individuality, the psychedelic collection comprised of unisex, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, pillows, and bags surely taps creativity and style. But in an exclusive interview with VMAN, Jaden and MSFTSreps intend for its customers to take away a far deeper meaning behind the collection’s vivid tie-dye coatings—an awakening. 

As circumstances accompanying COVID-19 wreak havoc over the health climate, and police brutality brings civil unrest to the forefront, Smith tells of the collections mindfulness as a means to sanction manifestation of positivity, enlightenment, and union. “What inspired the collection was the mentality of the late 1960s, as well as The Fool art collective and Jimi Hendrix. We were just really drawn to the idea of re-establishing a movement of peace and love as a way to change the consciousness of the world in these dark times,” he says. 

Courtesy of Moisés Arias.

Like many designers with social distancing guidelines in place, the creative process was challenged to take an alternative approach. However, for Smith & the MSFTSrep the “challenge” proved to be more like affirmations of the brand core values. “We were unable to get samples, so if we liked a color, we just tie-dye things ourselves and iron designs onto shirts.” He continues, “It was very DIY working from home, but we really tried to finesse it—that’s really what the collection was all about—young people coming together and creating something special together with a group of people, enjoy nature and really try to find yourself.”

But, what exactly is a “trippy summer”? Surprisingly, it forgoes the use of psychedelic drugs. Although for the brand, the term takes on many roles, Jaden describes it as an homage to the reconciliation of the natural elements. “We hope you run to the forest, swim through the depths of the ocean, bask in a sunset, and stare into the stars or just having a plant in your room, for that matter. That is ‘Trippy Summer’,” he explains.  

Courtesy of Moisés Arias.

With climate change as an imminent threat to seasons as we know it, summers, trippy or not, might be limited. According to Smith, sustainability is a primary concern to the rebranding ethos and thus, has brought on a head of sustainability to oversee production practices. He tells VMAN, the brand tries to find ways to reuse and repurpose clothing as much as possible, “[W]hether it’s taking old Levi’s jeans and printing on them for special pieces in the collection, or taking thrifted shirts and printing logos on top.”

Jaden and Willow Smith, Daniel D’Artiste, and Moisés Arias—who shot the collection’s lookbook—are among the creatives that make up the core of MSFTSrep’s multi-faceted collective. In the past, Jaden has illustrated the tribe as a creative workforce who’s mission is to awaken the population with knowledge and personal growth; however, it’s a one-of-a-kind entity that cannot be labeled.

Smith calls out the one-dimensional stereotype placed on the Black community and the collective’s mission to break the barriers that confine these modalities. He explains, “I feel that the children in the African American community are disproportionately affected by visual stereotypes — like ‘why is your hair’ or ‘your pants’ or ‘your nails’ that color?’ And we designed this collection and lookbook for you to know that you can honestly be and do whatever you want in this world, making it a better place at the same time.”

Courtesy of Moisés Arias.

As for the future of the brand, Jaden assures we can anticipate more collections, more movements, and philanthropic endeavors. But for now, head to MSFTSrep.com to shop the affordable collection ranging from $30-$80.


Courtesy of Moisés Arias.



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