Mini V: Jaden Smith is Forging an All-New Fashion Landscape

The Hollywood staple on how fashion can produce more than just wearables

For the past 24 years, Jaden Smith’s life has been a revolving door of creativity. With an extensive music portfolio, numerous acting credits, and ongoing entrepreneurial pursuits, it’s a surprise the young multi-hyphenate has time to do much else, let alone develop a clothing brand. Still, since 2012, he’s managed to cultivate MSFTSrep—co-founded by Jaden, his sister Willow, and friends Moises Arias and ¿Téo?—with innovation seeping from every printed graphic and tailored silhouette. 

All clothing MSFTSrep throughout

“We really wanted to create designs for products we didn’t see in the landscape of fashion,” Jaden says, explaining the origin of the ten-year-old streetwear brand that has since evolved to tackle greater societal shortcomings, driving their mantra as a rebellion against the current state of the world. Priding themselves on intentional design, MSFTSrep’s latest release, Mystery School, addresses flaws in the public education system through geometric, cymatic, and science-inspired visuals.

A project conceived from a place of accessible study, Mystery School takes its name from education practices of Ancient Egypt. Attracting an audience of streetwear connoisseurs and intellectual minds alike, the drop bands together an unlikely troupe in the fight for global unity, using education as the catalyst for better awareness of reality. A collection and a movement, its objective transcends its eminent status as the newest urban uniform. “The world is in such a delicate place right now—everything we do has to have meaning,” says Jaden. “There needs to be someone that brings attention to it, and I can be that person.” 

As seen in the pages of MINI V, now available for preorder.

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