Janette Beckman Brings Over 40 Years of Photography into New Book

Titled ‘Rebels: From Punk to Dior’, the new book aims to capture the renowned image-makers work from the past four decades.

40 years can bring a lot of photographs. Times change, people fade, but the one thing that never disappears is cherished memories. That is exactly why Janette Beckman’s new book ‘Rebels: From Punk to Dior’, capturing the beginning of her career during the dawn of the punk rock scene in London to the present-day after collaborating with brands such as Levis, Dior, and Gucci.

With an impressive scope of work over the last four decades, starting from photographing music icons such as Boy George, Blondie, The Police, Salt-N-Pepa, Run DMC, and more, going to snapping moments from the recent BLM movement, the new monograph can be seen as the ultimate rebel bible—demonstrating the beauty of how an unwavering rebellious spirit can take form in many ways. “I have always been attracted to documenting cultures and people who are passionate about doing things their own way regardless of society rules,” says Beckman about the new book. “My journey has taught me there are no road maps, being an artist is just about following your passion no matter what happens.”

Featuring contributed pieces from music legends such as Sting, Paul Weller,  Belinda Carlisle and fashion powerhouses like Dapper Dan, Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri, and Levi’s Chad Hinson, the book culminates itself into a monograph that goes beyond just images, as Paulo von Vacano of Drago Publishing says “Rebels: From Punk to Dior is not a love song, but a manifesto of the zeitgeist that captured the hearts of the people through a photographic journey that has always resonated with me.”

To celebrate the release of the new book, Beckman has also partnered with Fotografiska for a new solo show, under the same name as the monograph, open until January 9, 2022. Rebels: From Punk to Dior is now available for purchase on dragopublisher.com!

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