Iconic biker brand Harley Davidson has teamed up with acclaimed actor and entrepreneur Jason Momoa in a new lifestyle collectionOn The Roam x Harley-Davidson. A long-time fan of the brand and its legacy, Momoa wanted to embrace the freedom and creativity embedded in Harley Davidson’s core principles. 

Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

The ‘On The Roam’ collection is part of Harley-Davidson’s H-D Collections, a segment of the Harley-Davidson brand that offers specially curated lifestyle apparel. Each collection is inspired in some way, in the case of the On The Roam line, each garment is meant for the free-spirited adventurer. There is a sense of ease in each design, seamlessly incorporating Momoa’s aesthetic into the Harley-Davidson brand while celebrating the thrill of the open road.

Each piece is simple, wearable, and exudes that vintage/lived-in feel. The collection boasts a wide range of clothing from outerwear to classic t-shirts and hoodies, speaking to a greater purpose of versatility. With workwear-inspired cargo pants, graphic tees, tanks, and a leather pullover, there is genuinely a piece for every occasion. 

Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

With the legacy brand serving as a source of inspiration for Momoa, and as a nostalgic touchpoint in the lives of millions, the collection aims to commemorate its time-honored traditions and history. Each piece is a symbol of the craftsmanship and creativity valued by both Momoa and the Harley-Davidson brand. The Crescent Harley Hoodie with graphics inspired by 1930s Harley racing apparel hails to the roots of the company. Also featured is the Knucklehead Hoodie, a tribute to Momoa’s favorite engine from the company, the ‘36 Knucklehead engine. These small details make this collaboration a special and intimate collection. Momoa embraces the brand’s creativity and innovation, bringing his own personal spin to classic designs. 

Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

“The On The Roam collection was born out of my love for Harley-Davidson,” says Jason Momoa in a statement. “In this collection, we honor 120 years of Harley-Davidson, embracing the adventure, empowering us to write our own story- the freedom to wander in the wild and live in the moments.”

To discover more about the ‘On The Roam’ collection by Jason Momoa, visit hdcollections.com now.

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