Jason Wu Presents Elevated Americana With Fall/Winter '21 Collection

Jason Wu Presents Elevated Americana With Fall/Winter '21 Collection

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Jason Wu Presents Elevated Americana With Fall/Winter '21 Collection

Showcased in a grocery store-esque runway at New York Fashion Week, the collection is a refined balance of color and print.

Showcased in a grocery store-esque runway at New York Fashion Week, the collection is a refined balance of color and print.

Text: Trishna Rikhy

In a cataclysm of color and playfulness, Jason Wu presents his Fall/Winter 2021/22 collection at New York Fashion Week, a series of tailored, sophisticated garments splashed with vibrant sparks of detail and design.

The collection debuted in a digital fashion show to adhere to COVID-19 protocols—while no live-runway audience was present, the catwalk was swapped for an interior set of a marketplace, instead, models weaving between crates of saturated produce and shelves of flowers and wine to the beat of an upbeat, synth tune—a trip to the grocery store wearing the highest of fashion, garments made to make the everyday just a bit more beautiful, a bit more ethereal, a bit more fun.


38-year-old Jason Wu’s designs reach new heights with the Fall/Winter ‘21 collection, a remarkable celebration of femininity and color. As with his Spring ‘21 collection, inspired by the beaches of Tulum, vibrancy and an adoration of print is woven throughout—but where last season took the approach of being loud, with contrasting patterns, an abundance of stripes and a palette of tropical oranges and blues, the Fall ‘21 collection is a muted, elevated version of what we have seen before, a more refined and sophisticated line dabbling in hues of black, charcoal, crimson and white, inspired by the nostalgia of Americana.

“For Fall 2021, I was feeling nostalgic of my school days in New England and the very idyllic Americana backdrop of those years,” said Wu. “Personally, I have also been very eager to combine two of my favorite things—food and fashion. Creating a real-life general store, based on the ones from the 1950s, is a fantasy of mine. During this time of social-distancing, I stayed inspired and inquisitive through these times by cooking my mother’s recipes and making cuisine from around the globe—I was finding new ways to be expressive. The Chefs’ Warehouse team has been instrumental in helping me to bring this concept to life as well as creating a way for us to give back by donating everything in the store to City Harvest, to help New Yorkers in need.”

Loud shapes and fabrics on flowing, fluid garments have been hugely tailored and refined. The Fall ‘21 collection is made of grace and poise, as easily worn by the business woman as the boutique woman. Sleek, sharp tailoring is seen across long coats and blazers, work trousers and pleated pants. Patterns are tasteful and toned down—where Wu previously gave island tropics blowing in with the breeze of summer, he now presents New York in Autumn, a city of concrete and pavement, a woman who dances through it like the metropolis was made for her in her stiletto ankle boots. This collection doesn’t present a doubt that the 36-year-old designer is the same man who has dressed figures like First Lady Michelle Obama, Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Moore—it is a symphony of taste and elegance, an urbane symphony of poise and style.


Outwear is the star of the collection, dotting looks with nuance and complexity. An long, indigo puffer is worn with a pleated navy skirt with crimson abstract detailing; a leather trench coat with a sleek grey turtleneck and coral pink ankle boots; a floor-length plaid blazer with matching tailored pants and a black-and-white print blouse. Wu plays with line throughout, adding red plaid print to dresses and trousers, checkers to double-breasted peacoats, stripes of crimson and white to a knit sweater. 

The collection is cohesive and mature, ready to be worn, mixed, matched. Standout pieces include a black overcoat with three-tiered white tassels at the hem; a crisp black blazer with a single cape sleeve; a simple, sophisticated V-neck black dress with white tassels dangling from the ribs to the ankles; and a wide-lapeled black coat with contrasting white stitching on the pockets and trim.


“The design philosophy of this collection is about elevated American sportswear, handcrafted artisanal details with an emphasis on outerwear,” said Wu. “As this is my second time showing my contemporary line Jason Wu, I was excited to show my range as a designer with a more casual, wardrobe-building ready-to-wear collection that can stand the test of time.”


Shop the Jason Wu Fall/Winter ‘21 collection here.

Credits: Images courtesy of Jason Wu


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