Jean Touitou Constructs A.P.C.’s New Collection On A Dogma of Monochrome

Touitou exercises his philanthropic principles in A.P.C.’s latest collection launch.

“Fashion has become what jazz always was: 20% notes and 80% attitude” – Miles Davis

Jean Touitou of A.P.C. re-conceptualizes his latest collection based on his latest dogma-monochrome. By capturing the necessity to refuse repressive desublimation, Touitou exercises his free will with a limited wardrobe. On November 3rd, in honor of A.P.C.’s thirtieth anniversary, the house will celebrate with the launch of a limited series of pieces: “P43 fatigues, A.P.C. jeans with a chain on the side, a Shetland sweater, and that’s it.” Intricate yet eccentric, Touitou’s work will expand and exaggerate his creative mastery from a philanthropic lens. One may also suspect that though the possibilities for a more extensive wardrobe are within arms reach, this demonstration may fall in alignment with Touitou’s mission of an “everyday wardrobe” without the “superego” and “ absurdity.”

Renowned for his dry humor and honest attitude that he offers the industry, Jean Touitou is the Tunisian-French creative director who notably has turned a blind eye to the extravagance of the Parisian runway for over thirty years through his label, A.P.C. Gesturing to “every day” aesthetics through the construction of his garments, he is inspired by work or military clothes, the preeminence of classic and unmixed fabrics, as well as voluntarily traditional cuts. His designs are often held in high regard for their simple but thoughtful application of raw Japanese denim.


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