Jennifer Lopez Killed It At The Super Bowl

Jennifer Lopez Killed It At The Super Bowl

Sending a political message in custom Versace and Swarovski.

Sending a political message in custom Versace and Swarovski.

Text: Valerie Stepanova

When NYC native Jennifer Lopez took the stage Super Bowl Halftime Show last night, everybody already knew it was an affair not to be missed. All aspects of this spectacle were top-notch: the setlist, the production, the energy. Throughout her performance, the star managed to flaunt three stunning outfits — all custom, courtesy of Atelier Versace in collaboration with Swarovski.

"Swarovski has always been top of mind for any Jennifer Lopez performance," explained Rob Zangardi, Jennifer Lopez’s stylist and long-time collaborator of Swarovski. "For this year’s Super Bowl, we are extremely excited to collaborate once again.”

J. Lo kicked off the show with her iconic “Jenny From The Block,” looking stunning in a black leather biker outfit covered in gold studs and Swarovski crystals and a pink draped maxi skirt that was to come off after the opening song. Tearing the skirt off, Lopez revealed thigh-high boots paired with black studded chaps for a full biker look. As per the notes supplied by J. Lo’s styling team, this ensemble was inspired by a Marlon Brando Vogue 1991 photoshoot.

A full-length silver catsuit followed the leather-heavy look — also adorned by Swarovski crystals alongside shiny sequins and silver leather. Showing off her strong shoulders and pole dancing moves, the singer sang recognizable hits like “Waiting For Tonight” and “On The Floor.”

J. Lo’s daughter Emme appeared on stage to sign a slowed-down version of “Let’s Get Loud and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s anthemic “Born In The U.S.A.”, and soon after her mother emerged in a silver fringed salsa bodysuit covered a feather cape. The bodysuit featured Puerto Rican and the American flag — a statement piece and a nod to the current political climate.

The full Versace looks were complete with shattered glass design on Lopez’s performance press-on nails, courtesy of celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik and Swarovski. "We used Swarovski crystals, in various shapes, and applied them sporadically over the top like fractured glass,” Bachik explained. “We finished with white striping in between the crystals to set it off.”

See more of J. Lo’s iconic Super BOWL 2020 looks below:


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