Jesse Jo Stark Reimagines Chrome Hearts’ Lowriders

In three new colors, Chrome Hearts releases a new take on their iconic shades.

LA-based luxury brand Chrome Hearts has reimagined Lowriders, a sleek, fresh sunglasses silhouette integral to the iconic label.

First conceptualized by Chrome Hearts founder Richard Stark in 2000, the Lowrider shades have been a mainstay: simple, effortless and chic, the Lowriders are practical as functional eyewear for motorcycle riding and stylish as a statement accessory for day-to-day wear.

Some 20 years later, the Lowriders have been redesigned in new colors by Jesse Jo, daughter of Richard Stark. 

Photography by Dana Trippe

“I can’t remember a time in my life when my Dad didn’t have his black pair of Lowriders on (or sitting on top of his head)—they were the first pair of glasses he ever made,” said Jesse Jo Stark. “Loving how classic they are (and having began wearing them myself over the last few years), I had an idea to make my own version.”

The new Chrome Hearts Lowriders come in a contemporary color palette evoking the trendiness and timelessness core to the brand, crafted from a custom Italian and Japanese acetate blend alongside earlier Chrome Hearts eyewear editions. 

The new colorways include a dainty, monochromatic pink frame with tinted baby pink lenses; a translucent pink crystal frame with statement forest green lenses; and a modern, fresh white frame with mahogany lenses fading to gold.

“There will always be my Dad’s original, but I did them in color to represent my mama who always brings the color to Chrome Hearts,” said Stark. “In a way, wearing these shades always reminds me to be myself.”

Shop the new Chrome Hearts Lowriders by Jesse Jo Stark in select Chrome Hearts stores worldwide and at

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