Jessy Wilson’s Premiere Single Sings About Love and Sophistication

V premiers Jessy Wilson’s first single and music video from her debut album Phase.

The video for Jessy Wilson’s new single, Love and Sophistication, begins with a sultry beat and black and white distorted close ups before settling on the singers face. In the hazy room, Wilson sings accompanied by a subtitled version of the song in French- just incase the cigarette smoke, ominous shadows and the candor in her voice weren’t sophisticated enough.

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This is the first single from Wilson’s debut album Phase, which is set to be released in the spring and was written and recorded with The Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney. Despite this being her first solo album, the Nashville-based artist already has an impressive career behind her. After graduating from LaGuardia High School (yes, that one), Wilson began singing backup for Alicia Keys as well as writing songs with John Legend. She’s also worked with artists Kanye West, Meek Mill and Even without singing any notable songs herself, her talent for songwriting has earned her two Grammy nominations.

Now, though, it’s Wilson’s time. Phase promises a mix of old soul, hip-hop and R&B with her modern touch and hint of psychedelic rock. In conjunction, of course, with her poetic lyrics that convey exactly what her first single is about. “To me it’s about refinement, really. Whether you’re refining your art, your romance, or your lifestyle…the mark of a good thing is that it can get even better. I don’t just want love. I want an evolving love. Love AND sophistication,” Wilson said.


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