Jil Sander Unveils Resort 2022 Collection

Where eclectic is both a vision and a value.

Jil Sander has unveiled its Resort 2022 Collection. Known for minimalist designs, this collection creates a synthesis of the playful, geometric and feminine.

Marked by experimentation with textures, forms and overstatement of the recurring theme of nature, Lucie and Luke Meier, the husband-and-wife duo currently behind the brand, have taken a new approach: balancing opposites. They accomplish this by juxtaposing soft, feminine forms with the sharp tailoring of dresses and coats.

Pieces of note include the fuzzy green mohair coat. A modernized classic, with undeniable style and elegance.

Image courtesy of Jil Sander.

Contrasting femininity with masculinity, a cashmere shaped knit bra is layered under a sharply-tailored jacket. For this collection, femininity means lighthearted, self-confident and strong. As a result, there is no need to confine the idea of the feminine to one certain look or style. The label explores these ideas through shapes, textures and silhouettes in an experimental, yet light way.

Image courtesy of Jil Sander.

Leaf embellishments are a nod to the theme of nature, and organically shaped jewels and buckles throughout are important in emphasizing contrasts and form.

Image courtesy of Jil Sander.

Dyed multicolor painted dresses with tassels on the shoulders add warmth and depth to the collection. The freshness of these looks brings them into a realm of whimsy all its own. It’s impossible to ignore this collection’s rich palette: from white, cream and beige, to  light green and grey, lilac, yellow, pink, cyan, sage, maroon, black.

Image courtesy of Jil Sander.

Textures include ribbed and wide-knit designs. Whimsical black and white prints and colorful striped pieces – both vertical and oblique – define the pattern and visual interest of the pieces.

And the details are not lost in the accessories.

Irregularly shaped boots’, featuring colored crystal rock heels, show the precision and intentional design of the brand.

Image courtesy of Jil Sander.

Shoulder bags, clutches and pouches are oversized and carefully put together. Feathers bursting out of a clutch brings together the idea of the coexistence of form and function, where aesthetics and wearability meet.

Image courtesy fo Jil Sander.

Ruffles, studs, and pintuck seams along the sleeves and edges of several pieces are also significant details throughout the collection.

With different silhouettes, all suggesting clarity and comfort, it’s clear that the brand’s designs are a unique kind of every day luxury.

Image courtesy of Jil Sander.

Everything in this collection elevated – taken from the simple and wearable to the eclectic and visually captivating. For the brand, “eclectic is both a vision and a value.”

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