Two iconic brands, one being emblematic of London and the other quintessentially Parisian, have come together to fuse both their identities in footwear. Although both the Jimmy Choo and Gaultier brands encourage creative conversations with multifaceted cultural mixes and a love of craft, each fashion house enjoys its unique individuality. This collaboration, however, explores the dichotomy between these two philosophical capitals and geographical points. 

Launching October 18th with none other than Aussie pop queen Kylie Minogue, shot by French photographer and styled by long-term friend Katie Grand in archival Gaultier, the collection mixes classic Gaultier codes with the modernity of Jimmy Choo. Each brand holds a strong personality, and both share notes of sexuality, rebel elegance, and couture craftsmanship. With shared values of empowerment, individuality, and femininity, the result is a rich blend of two heritages—a tale of two cities. 

The Wedge 110 exemplifies the aura of the collaboration: inside the plexiglass 110mm the wedge heel sits on, one foot has a laser-etched Tour Eiffel, and on the other, Big Ben, the two most important landmarks of each city. The Corset 60, an elongated toe and refined vamp, accompanies Gaultier with the back of the wedge carved away. 

With their over-the-knee boot, Gaultier was inspired by its Spring/Summer 1994 collection “Les Tatouages” where he used sleek and streamlined silhouettes as a canvas to reinterpret the recurring motif of the fashion house. On the OTK Boot 90, the neutral-toned boot is accompanied by a finely crafted tattoo print. The collection features 6 shoes that consistently blend the archetypical codes each house is known for. Inspired by London’s punk subculture or Paris’s sophisticated style, a shared perspective is discovered. 

“Fashion for me has always been about collaboration with like-minded creatives, and pure personal self-expression,” says Minogue in a statement. “Jean Paul Gaultier and Jimmy Choo have both been part of my fashion journey, and I’m thrilled to work with both of them to celebrate this exceptional collection. It’s our collective histories fusing, to create something fresh and new.”

The Jimmy Choo / Jean Paul Gaultier collection will be available in selected stores globally and online from the 18th of October 2023.

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