Johnny Depp & François Demachy Speak On Dior’s Sauvage

While the two are from different worlds, they come together to discuss the creativity behind one of Dior’s iconic fragrances

Two icons in their own industries, French perfumer François Demachy and American actor and guitar player Johnny Depp, come together to speak about their creative inspirations surrounding the Sauvage Dior cologne.

In a late-night talk show setting hosted by columnist Laurianne Melierre, the two might seem like a random pair, but clearly hit it off as two creative individuals. In a modern designed room, dark-lit room, Depp plays guitar in jump cuts and Demachy spray Sauvage. 

At one point in the video, Depp says, “That is the punk rock of smells,” as he can’t stop smelling the cologne. Demachy explains that in the perfume industry, the term accord means a blend of both, in which Depp says, “The perfume is like chords,” as he plays his guitar.

Demachy ends the video by saying that there are no secret ingredients, “What is secret – is recipe,” and a handshake between the two icons. 

The fragrance can be purchased at

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