Celine’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection opened the door to the underworld. We stepped into the realm of darkness along with actor Jack Dylan Grazer and witnessed the encounter of shadows and gleams of daylight. The runway at Le Palace in Paris was populated by misty memories of a distant past and creatures from foreign universes. Who better to trust when entering Celine’s nocturnal world than the 19-year-old star of the 2017 horror film It and Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods? Here’s what he told VMAN’s Digital Editor Kevin Ponce about his experience in the Celine Homme microcosm.

VMAN: What was your impression of the collection?

Jack Dylan Grazer: I’m not surprised that Celine delivered a powerhouse showcase of their collection. The hybrid creation consisting of Rock N Roll culture and refined elegance was not only, ingenuity epitomized, but it was simply revolutionary for the world of fashion as a whole. Celine never ceases to amaze me.

VM: Did you have any standout looks/pieces that you would consider a favorite from the lineup?

JDG: My absolute favorite look was the all pink leather leisure suit. It was an excitement bubble popping with color within the gothic, heavily rugged frame that Celine approaches with. It displayed their range and fluidity and Hedi is a genius for introducing that in this collection. He is a genius in general but this was a testament to it all.

VM: How was your show experience overall when you stepped into Hedi’s world of CELINE HOMME?

JDG: In a word: Awestriking. It’s truly ethereal, cosmic work. Stemming from a punk movement and redefining the stigma by including truly artful and thoughtful pieces through a lens of anarchy and non-formulaic narration, it’s really very meaningful to see how the pieces evolve while also remaining classic in their own respective rite. Hedi has invented a whole new subgenre of fashion and the culture is living for it, myself included.

VM: What is it about Paris and the fashion scene that you find most interesting?

JDG: I love the Paris fashion scene because it’s much less vapid and superficial than other “fashion scenes” in other places (that shall remain nameless) and in that, it all feels more authentic. It feels as if I’m being reminded of how the aspect of self-expression continues to live and breathe on in the vast, diverse, glorious world of fashion.

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