Jordan Brand Ushers in New Legacy with Global Women’s Collective

The Nike division focuses on women empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities for select women across 6 major cities. 

As the age of women empowerment continues on, brands are working to create space for women in what once was a closed off environment. While intentions may be good, there’s no denying the glass ceiling that still looms overhead. Making space is simply not enough. Investing in women and helping support their growth is what helps to break the boundaries. Jordan Brand takes these ideals of not only creating space, but redefining a legacy to heart. These characteristics define their new Global Women’s Collective. 

The collective is made up of 33 women from 6 major cities: Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London, Paris, and Shanghai. The collective takes place over the course of 6 months, and aims to reestablish what the Jumpman logo stands for. These women are firestarters who show the best of Basketball culture in their respective communities, allowing them to partake in this once in a lifetime program. 

New York Collective

The Global Women’s Collective will host specialized events for their members, and help provide them with the skills necessary to help grow their personal initiatives. Each collective member will receive a grant to help support their visions for these various communities and industries. Jordan Brand looks to invest in these women, and build legacies and relationships that will define the brand. At the end of the six month program, the women of the inaugural collective will choose 33 new women to take their places. As the collective grows, Jordan Brand promise to continue to expand the program to suit the needs of the attendees. 

Chicago Collective

Kick off retreats have already begun in each of the major cities. Collective members gathered together to share stories, advice, and build relationships with other women. Beth Gibbs, co-owner of Union LA  and founder of Bephie Beauty Supply, photographer Dana Scruggs, visionary Aleali May, Sheryl Swoopes, the first woman signed to the WNBA, and WNBA trailblazers Chelsea Dungee and Aerial Powers offered words of advice and wisdom to different collective groups. 

Although Jordan Brand has no way of knowing what their investments will come to, the brand hopes to play a role in shattering the glass ceiling. The basis of this collective is to create a space for healthy dialogue, positive relationships, and leadership skills. Jordan Brand believes that they will become a “bridge for these women to cross into new territories, both emotional and physical, on the court and off of it.” 


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