Joshua Speers Releases a Riveting New Track: “Stray Bullets”

The first track off of his forthcoming EP, Human Now.

Today, all-American singer-songwriter Joshua Speers is sending fresh soundwaves into the music world with the release of “Stray Bullets,” a powerful track that explores the psychological constrictions of the internet in the modern world. The new song provides a first glance at his forthcoming major label EP, Human Now, a soul-searching project that delves into the artist’s psyche in an amalgamation of ‘80s guitar riffs and steady drums. A poetry major who also played in jam bands and toured through Europe, Speers has a natural affinity for stringing emotions into words, and this latest track certainly proves his songwriting abilities supreme. 

On his inspiration for “Stray Bullets,” Speers explains, “I spent a day last year going to every vintage guitar store in Nashville with writer/producer Tommy English. I had been playing the same three-chord progression with a little hammer-on part on each guitar I tried, comparing how they sounded. The next day we were writing together, and working on an idea I had about how the internet keeps everyone in tight proximity and can make finding emotional distance and space really difficult. Like when you are trying to avoid seeing someone on Instagram, you block them, but then they pop up in someone else’s photo. Kind of like getting hit by a stray bullet.”

Listen to Speers’ riveting new sound and indulge in the accompanying music video, below. 

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