“Juicy” Is Doja Cat At Her Thickest

See the meme-worthy visual for Doja Cat’s hit-single “Juicy”.

From Lizzo’sTempo” to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Big Ole Freak”, body-positivity has become music’s newest wave and 2019’s hottest accessory. Amongst the many female artist reclaiming authority over their bodies while daring to defy society’s unrealistic expectation stands LA-Born rapper; Doja Cat. Making her grand entrance with debut album “AmalaDoja Cat has since established herself as more than just an average rapper. Meme icon, cow connoisseur, and not to mention V Magazine alum, Doja cat has consistently proven there is more to her than what meets the eyes. And to say she gives us a whole lot to look at; would be an understatement. But don’t just take our word for it, Doja just released a music video that’s juicy enough to quench the world’s thirst. 

Doja Cat’s visual for her hit-song Juicy offers a new meaning to thirst-trapping and in true Doja fashion the video is nothing short of meme worthy. Giving Carmen Miranda a run for her money, Doja sports iconic (and revealing) fruit-themed attire which ironically showcases her fruit-shaped “assets”. At first listen it may seem like a catchy song about the female anatomy but underneath the rump referencing rhymes lies a deeper meaning. The song serves as a self-written love letter where Doja professes love not only for her figure, but also for herself all in all. “Juicy is Doja Cat at her finest (and thickest) see the video below!   


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