Julia Fox Guest Stars in Patou’s First Fashion Show

From Cléo de Mérode to Julia Fox, Patou pays tribute to muses new and old

Debuting at their headquarters in the Île de la Cité, Guillaume Henry introduces Patou’s first runway show. As a brand rooted in Parisian history, the collection takes after many French themes, including the idea of “muse culture”. The Parisian brand paid tribute to those iconic muses that we idolize in their Spring 2023 ready-to-wear show.

Jean Patou, the French courtier, had revolutionized fashion by designing dresses without a corset, ridding the female figure of tight, constricting silhouettes. This collection followed suit in that theme by highlighting billowing dresses with ruffles, as well as shift coat dresses and slimming trousers. A playful, eclectic hot pink was scattered throughout the collection, complemented by an array of toned-down natural hues. 

Guillaume Henry realized he felt out of touch with the muses of the younger generation and wanted to design for both his muses and the muses of today. Earlier that day the brand released an Instagram filter depicting prominent muses such as Michelle Obama, Josephine Baker, Cher, Paris Hilton, and even Miss Piggy to highlight that “It’s within you. It’s your muse. You’re the only one who knows,” he continued. To close out the show was our favorite muse, Julia Fox wearing a bodycon, art nouveau printed dress. 

Collaborating with Maison Ernest was the perfect ode to the Belle Epoque muses. The Parisian shoe brand has been designing shoes for Moulin Rouge dancers since 1904 and continues to be successful today. The collection featured a mule heel with a logo jacquard print, custom made for Patou. 

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