Justin Bieber Debuts New Song “Peaches” in NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Listen to Bieber sing about his simple pleasures: Georgia peaches and California weed.

Throughout quarantine, NPR Tiny Desk Concerts have kept us going, continuing the internet’s beloved ritual of stripped-back, intimate sets and inviting us into artists’ homes and other locations for the Tiny Desk (Home) Concert series. For Justin Bieber, that meant donning a backwards baseball cap and gathering his band into a room filled with tapestries and lit by neon lighting strips. There’s something a little college-dorm going on here, but Bieber elevates it with a smooth and sultry set that demonstrates his vocal prowess.

Backed by his official accompaniment, We the Band, Bieber moves through a Tiny Desk setlist featuring hits such as “Holy,” an earnest love song that shines in this version. He hops on the keys for the second song – a surprise debut of “Peaches.” It’s instantly catchy, the kind of laid-back tune that you can already imagine playing out of every car and window once we – hopefully – get to hear a studio version. “I get my peaches out in Georgia, oh yeah, shit,” Bieber sings. “I get my weed from California, that’s that shit.” It’s a song about wanting (and having) only the best of everything, as sweet and refreshing as a peach in the summer.

“Peaches” debuts at the 3:20 mark in the above video, but the entire set is well worth watching.


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