Justine Skye Reveals The Man Behind Her Hit Single Build

After protecting the identity of her alleged abuser, Justine Skye finally reveals who subjected her to said violence in detailed series of tweets.

Prior to the closure of 2018, Justine Skye had a new lease on life. Taking authority over her music after a traumatic experience with domestic violence, Justine wore her heart on her sleeve with hit single Build. The song was well received on the R&B charts with it being her highest charting single since Collide; which featured rapper Tyga. In multiple interviews, including an exclusive conversation with V; Justine revealed domestic violence was a source of inspiration behind the song. While Skye never named her abuser, the internet quickly connected the dots outing the alleged abuser as rapper Sheck Wes.

Even when the internet turned her life into a game of whodunnit, Justine never confirmed nor denied. Standing firmly in her decision to conceal her abuser’s identity, she stated several times that it doesn’t matter who it was. Skye justified that statement sharing that even if she did name the assailant, there wouldn’t be any repercussions for him. His music would still be streamed, and he wouldn’t lose any respect. Silenced no more, an aggravated Justine Skye breaks her silence confirming her alleged abuser.

After allegedly being followed by her ex Sheck Wes and his entourage, Skye broke her silence. In a series of tweets revealing the pain that Sheck Wes allegedly inflicted upon on her over the course of their relationship, Justine Skye displays true strength. Ready to hold her alleged abuser accountable Justine engages in a digital dispute with Sheck, proving she is no victim instead a survivor. V stands with Justine Skye while saluting her for courageously sharing her story. Justine is just one of the few female celebrities who are ushering a new wave of holding abusers accountable, and we are here for it.

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