Justine Skye Talks Her Sense of Style & Evolving Sound

Justine Skye Talks Her Sense of Style & Evolving Sound

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Justine Skye Talks Her Sense of Style & Evolving Sound

V caught up with the multi-talented artist before she hit the stage at Ray-Ban's grand opening at The Grove.

V caught up with the multi-talented artist before she hit the stage at Ray-Ban's grand opening at The Grove.

Text: Cara Hessels

Originality in the music industry is something we crave but rarely come by. In today’s digital landscape where one synth sounds like the next, artists have to get creative when cementing a space for themselves. 

Enter quadruple threat Justine Skye. A singer, actress, fashionista, and beauty maven, Skye first made waves in the entertainment world when her cover of Drake’s “Headlines” went viral on YouTube with two million-plus views, eventually landing her a deal with Atlantic Records in 2013. Since then, she’s collaborated with the likes of Tyga, Vic Mensa, Miguel, ScHoolboy Q, and more. A self-proclaimed ‘purple unicorn’ (a nod to the purple hues that tend to frequent her hairstyles), Justine Skye is clearly one of a kind.

It’s this sense of unabashed authenticity that Ray-Ban also prides itself in, making Skye the perfect ambassador for the company’s grand opening in Los Angeles. We caught up with the R&B sensation before her performance at The Grove to talk about influences, summertime shades, and what she hopes her fans take away from her music.

Who most influences your music?

I would have to say there’s a number of people that I’m heavily influenced by. To name a few: Missy Elliott, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Aaliyah.

How would you say your sound is evolving?

I feel like my sound is evolving with just every memory that I create. Whether it’s a guy, my friends or family, a good or a bad memory, it’s just me maturing, [so then] my sound is maturing. I'm just figuring out more clever ways to express that.

If you were to describe your fashion style in two words, what would it be?

Something that I used to say was "hood chic", because I’m from Brooklyn. Two of my fashion inspirations are Foxy Brown and Naomi Campbell, like ‘90s Naomi. So I put those together, and I call it "hood-chic."

Who are you listening to you right now?

If I had to pick one album I’m listening to right now, it would be the Rae Sremmurd album.

What is your dream venue to perform at?

My dream venue to perform at would have to be Madison Square Garden or headlining Barclays Center, which is in Brooklyn, my hometown. I got to perform at Barclays Center, but I would love to headline that and Madison Square Garden. Just the really big places in my city.

What do you hope your listeners from your music?

What I hope they take away is that they’re not alone, because that’s something that us as humans feel often. We think that no one else is going through this emotional drama that we go through and it’s just not true. The thing I love most about being an artist is that you’re able to reach so many different people around the world and help them through something. Then you don’t feel alone because you realize they feel the same exact way as you, you realize you’re not the only one going through whatever it is.

What’s on your bucket list right now personally or professionally?

Number one on the bucket list is to get a song on Hot 100, Top 20 to be exact.

What’s your favorite summertime frame in the Ray-Ban collection right now?

My favorite summertime frames are the ones I have on right now, these yellow-tinted aviators with black framing. I can wear them any time of the day. I can wear them to the club at night or I can wear them in the daytime. Sometimes I forget that they’re not dark, so I’ll be staring at someone and they’ll be staring back and I’m like, "Oh wait, they can see me."

How do you like to accessorize your Ray-Ban sunglasses?  

I feel like shades make anything look cool. If you’re wearing sweats and throw on a dope pair of shades,  it distracts from the fact that you didn’t really get dressed in the morning. Then also, if you’re wearing something super dressy, it kind of dresses it down and makes it more cool and funky.

When is it most important time to have your Ray-Bans on you?

Oh, in the morning! It’s super important walking outside when the sun is just hitting you in the face and you’re just squinting, especially in LA. I made that mistake after soundcheck today. I don’t know why I took them off for some reason and I was like, "Wait I’m blind!"

Any projects on the pipeline you can fill us in on?

Well, I’m really excited that I’m performing at the Billboard Music Festival this summer, so that’s huge. I also just started working on new music.

Any fun facts you’d like to share?

I don’t know if this is fun but I hate mustard. I literally completely despise mustard and I think anyone who likes mustard is weird. I just don’t understand it. 

Check out photos from the Ray-Ban grand opening at The Grove below. 


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