JW Anderson Stuns with Men’s Spring Summer & Women’s Resort 2022

Take a journey to self-discovery with JW Anderson.

Shot in a series of intimate images by Juergen Teller, London-based JW Anderson presented their Men’s Spring Summer & Women’s Resort 2022 collection with feelings of youth, playfulness and self-expression in mind. With a play on colors and prints throughout, JW Anderson showcases these designs in a physical way by printing out the images and setting them in frames to display, as shown in a video when speaking about the collection.

Different colored knits with the JW nautical logo embroidered across, graphic strawberry motifs, short leather shorts, chunky stripes and asymmetrical cut dresses are just some pieces that make up the collection. All styles essentially give off the vibe of boldness and personality, adhering to the discovery of oneself Anderson had in mind when creating the collection.

“This season we have focused on this idea of being in the bedroom, or the kind of glorification of being who you are or what you want to be or the idea of the privacy of the individual,” said Anderson about the collection.

Set aback the location of a London flat, the striking designs contrast with the simple setting, allowing various props or scenes to also take focus within the images such as a squirrel set atop a shoulder or models posing in the bathtub or laundry room, alluding to the way one would play dress-up on their own as Anderson says in the video.

Full-length beaded dresses and various leather accessories such as slides or purses allow the details of the garments to contribute to the theme. Cheery reds and pinks, cool blues and easygoing lilacs and greens make up the shade range of the styles in both the men’s and women’s collection.

Aiming to express femininity and ambiguity within the Men’s collection and outlandishness and fierceness within the Women’s, Anderson does so within this blend of fresh designs and his always extraordinary vision.



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