K.ngsley Launches its First Jewelry Collection

A sex positive collection rooted in being your true self.

K.NGSLEY is set to launch its first ever jewelry collection. The brand, by Brooklyn-based creator Kingsley Gbadegesin, aims to “reclaim the Black, Queer, Femme body” and directly provide support to communities that he feels have given him so much. 

Born from the activism and club scenes, K.NGSLEY  has been guided by a clear goal since its inception: make a fashion statement – and a political one, too. In an interview with V last October, the activist and designer shared his vision for creating pieces that allow people, particularly femme and trans women of color, to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Not only that, but to make space for their self-expression and ignite the confidence they already hold inside of them.

The 701 collection is inspired by and expands on these same ideals. By taking his designs from the realm of (mainly) tank tops into the jewelry world, Gbadegesin is able to share both his creativity and vision in a new form.

Crafting an assortment of sex-positive jewelry, Gbadegesin again roots the pieces in the idea of being your unique self. As an ode to the post-Covid return to gathering and promiscuity, the collection also acknowledges the risk of HIV/AIDS and lower levels of access to the pre-exposure prophylaxis, PrEP, particularly for Black and Brown women. Yes, even in 2021.

Image courtesy of K.nglsey.

The silver, gold, and baby blue hues give this collection light and fresh feel, while infusing them with modernity and whimsy.

Gbadegesin’s vision is one of living your truth, but at the same time showing up for yourself and being safe. That’s why the designer hopes the 701 collection can serve as a way to identify and bring together members of the community.

Images courtesy of K.ngsley.

To celebrate the drop, Gbadegesin invited New York clients to The Roof at the Public Hotel. Shot by Matteo Androni from BFA.com, this gathering was also a way for the designer to thank clients for their ongoing support of the brand.

Image courtesy of K.ngsley.

The collection is now available for pre-order.

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