KHAITE’s 2022 Pre-Fall Collection is a Mood

KHAITE’s 2022 Pre-Fall collection evokes the balance between worldly and metaphorical entities with inspiration from decades past.

KHAITE’s 2022 Pre-Fall collection emphasizes its expansion, the element that continues to describe itself. The collection emerges from discourses that result in a balance between entities. Its essence merges to an assemblage via these existences for purposeful transmission.

KHATIE 2022 Pre-Fall collection

It embodies this happening through the pieces that represent shifts in time, indicative of its khaki-hued trench coats and elongated skirts resembling the more conservative aspect of life to bolder articles like fishnets, sometimes mirroring the present.

KHATIE 2022 Pre-Fall collection

This contrast deems apparent in its various patterned shades that categorize under a single, distinctive tone with hints of change similarly to the denimwear that occasionally make an appearance. Though, they do not intend to dominate and instead augment the look’s intended meaning.

KHATIE 2022 Pre-Fall collection

The collection aligns with those of the past, remaining with a secular definition that promotes a new beginning without straying far from one’s desires. KHAITE’s Pre-Fall 2021 collection exemplifies a similar aesthetic beholden to its inception.

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