Kaia Gerber Is In A Dystopian Future For Alexander McQueen Slash Bag Campaign

Alexander McQueen and Kaia Gerber explore technology, fashion, and humanity in a new campaign.

Alexander McQueen released a new campaign video featuring Kaia Gerber to showcase their new Spring/Summer 2023 women’s pre-collection bag, The Slash Bag.

The campaign video opens with landscape shots of a futuristic cityscape with flying cars and thick smog. Kaia Gerber then appears strutting down a hallway in one of the skyscrapers of this dystopian future. She walks down the stairs into what appears to be a robotics laboratory while holding nothing other than her Slash Bag. While being watched through security cameras, we see Gerber walk up to a row of robots and then seemingly fall in love with one of them. Stroking its face, then crying tears of lust and anger before the robot opens its eyes and the lights turn black. Once blacked out, we see Gerber running in fear as the person watching her over security cameras asks if she needs help.

Kaia Gerber Alexander McQueen














Kaia Gerber Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen says it’s the juxtaposition of humanity and technology that make the campaign for The Slash Bag what it is. That same juxtaposition can be seen in the bag itself, too. The knuckle hardware on the bag can be interpreted as the rawness of humanity overlaid onto the slick and perfectly sculpted leather bag, which can be interpreted as the precision of technology.

Kaia Gerber Alexander McQueen

The knuckle hardware, which draws directly from the aesthetic of a knuckleduster, not only represents the rawness of humanity but reflects a sense of urban toughness, which was relayed in the dystopic future we saw in the video. Again, juxtaposing the beauty and refinement of the leather, which was reflected in the robotic laboratory from the campaign.  Altogether, The Slash Bag with knuckle hardware reflects the punk energy of London’s street style, which is an endless source of inspiration for Alexander McQueen, and the video reflects where Alexander McQueen sees this energy going in the future.

If you are interested in buying The Slash Bag, it is currently available for purchase on their website and in stores.

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