Kaia Gerber Stars in John Eatherly’s “Burnout” Music Video

A trace of stardom and a lot of young talent. John Eatherly’s “Burnout” music video is an obvious standout.

The term sophomore slump can be used to describe many things, but when talking about Public Access TV frontman John Eatherly’s second release as a solo artist, it takes on a very literal meaning. Eatherly’s second—sophomore—track is titled “Burnout,” or in other words, slump. How’s that for a sophomore slump?

Like the nature of its release, the song’s title is multifaceted. “One side is about the frustration of feeling like you don’t belong, and how boring it can be when people all try to fit the same mold,” Eatherly said. “The other side is about the romantic, ‘rockstar’ fantasy of living a checked out, blissful life of excess. That doesn’t tend to end well. The key is to never give a shit about anyone’s approval other than your own.”

“Burnout” is a testament to that sentiment. The single comes with an enchanting, hair-raising music video starring model Kaia Gerber and actor Oli Green. The video, co-directed by Jonah Freud and Johann Rashid, flashes between a vindictive and love-swept Gerber whose fascination with Green errs on the side of alarming.

Altogether, the group behind the project is young and fresh. Gerber, the 17-year-old model and daughter of Cindy Crawford, has starred in campaigns for countless designers, like Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs. Nevertheless, “Burnout” is the young icon’s first music video. The same can be said for 22 year-old actor, London native and NYC resident Oli Green. Green’s childhood friend from London, Freud is also pursuing a creative career in New York with the “Burnout” video as his first professional project. Having just graduated from college, Freud already has a stately portfolio that positions him as an up-and-coming creative force in the industry.

“Making the burnout video was the most fun I’ve ever had making a video,” Eatherly said. “Only friends involved with the same goal of making something dope. As for the song, I wanted to make a ’90s style ‘hit the distortion’-style chorus but all filtered through some weird broken future computer.”

This jump to the ’90s is actually a flash-forward—not a retrospective—for the singer. His four-piece band finds inspiration in the depths of ’80s rock and roll, as well as the second-wave rock bands they’ve opened for, like Kings of Leon and the Killers. Eatherly, on the other hand, wants to set himself apart from Public Access TV with a divergent, modernized sound. Eatherly cites both John Lennon and Kanye West as inspirations for his upcoming EP.

“Burnout” is listeners’ second peek into what this EP might sound like. The intricate and intentional storytelling of the music video makes a strong argument for the prediction that Eatherly’s forthcoming project will be an all-encompassing and impressive creative venture.

Watch the “Burnout” music video, below.

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