In a shift towards personal expression and pushing the boundaries of what “Black Tie” defines, Valentino picks our latest “It Girl” Kaia Gerber, to front their latest campaign. Emanating true timeless beauty, Gerber shatters everything we thought we knew about Black Tie collections in the name of stepping out of the box.

Shot by Steven Meisel, the campaign blends seamlessly against the background of the Oheka Castle in New York. Gerber embodies everything that is punk, rebellious, youthful, and free in the essence of a collection filled with pieces that redefine black tie looks for women.

The pieces ranged in their masculine and feminine essence, always centering around the black tie but always in different regards. Gerber is pictured in an oversized ruffled shirt dress with a big collar, combat boots, and a mini black tie. The looks are clean cut and all shot in white and black film, with the exception of one color image. Laying back on a deep purple, velvet couch, Gerber is styled in structured mini skirt covered in red roses, a large red trenchcoat, and a red collared shirt, and a mini black tie. A bold look in Valentinos signature red color, for the supermodel and “it girl” which she effortlessly pulls off again and again in this campaign highlighting her innate and individual beauty.

Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s broke the rules of black tie and created a collection built on self expression and rebellion, “once a symbol of formality and masculine power [but] now represents a shift towards inclusivity and personal expression, allowing individuals to celebrate diversity, push boundaries, bringing new life and meaning to a classic symbol of elegance and power.”

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