Kaitlyn Dever is the Screen's Newest "It" Girl

Kaitlyn Dever is the Screen's Newest "It" Girl

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Kaitlyn Dever is the Screen's Newest "It" Girl

The soulful multi-talent charms Timothée Chalamet in the season's tour-de-force film.

The soulful multi-talent charms Timothée Chalamet in the season's tour-de-force film.

Photography: Sharif Hamza

Styling: Lorenzo Posocco

Text: Maxwell Williams

This interview appears in the pages of V116, our Winter 2018 issue, hitting newsstands on November 8. Pre-order your copy of V116 at shop.vmagazine.com today! 

An actor’s “depth” is hard to define, but Kaitlyn Dever, despite her young age, has “it.” Whether in J. Edgar, Short Term 12, Detroit, or The Spectacular Now, her presence brings a fresh injection of reality to the screen. Unsurprisingly, she’s been acting from a young age. But her fearlessness in choosing roles would be notable regardless of experience level. On a recent call, she’s on her way to filming an “intense, super relevant, and important” show for Netflix about a rape survivor, called Unbelievable. And she’s starring in Beautiful Boy, based on the heart-wrenching memoirs of a grieving father, as the strung-out girlfriend of a meth-addicted Timothée Chalamet, Dever’s real-life longtime friend.

“Going into the films that I make, I always focus on being as real and honest as possible, and also taking it seriously, because there is so much weight to a movie,” says Dever. She’ll follow up Beautiful Boy by playing a Bible-thumping teen in Them That Follow, a thriller set in a fringe Pentecostal church—yet another challenging role for the 21-year-old actor. “It’s almost meditation where you do something intense for a little while, and then there’s a comedown after,” she says of her penchant for demanding roles. “It’s calming for me, and keeps my brain working, and I really enjoy doing projects that are completely different from my life.”

In real life, it seems, Dever is creative and precocious, touring with Beulahbelle, the band she shares with her sister Mady. Next up, she’ll try her hand at some lighter material for a change, in the upcoming romp Booksmart, Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut about a group of friends who, having abstained from partying in high school, play catch-up with one debauchery-packed night. And while she’s worked with plenty of talented directors, it was her experience with Wilde that convinced her that she, too, could one day migrate behind the camera. “[Directing] was always in the back of my mind, but I was like, ‘Well, I can’t do that,’ and then Olivia showed me that it was totally, totally possible.”


Makeup Homa Safar, Hair Anna Lyles (Atelier Management), Manicure Merrick Fisher (Opus Beauty) using Chanel Le Vernis, Production Kristen Terry, Anthony Cabero (Rosco Production), Digital technician Gary Hamner, Photo assistant Cory Hackbarth, Stylist assistant Abi Arcinas


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