Kali Uchis Releases First EP Since “Isolation”

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Among the limited good news, an exciting announcement has been made that Kali Uchis is dropping her first EP since her breakout album, Isolation, which was released back in 2018. The Columbian-American singer-songwriter has yet to release another EP since her 2015 Por Vida. The new EP, titled To Feel Alive, which is said to be explicit and not a recommended listen for the light of heart, is expected to be available for streaming this Friday.

Uchis took to Instagram to give her fans some much needed positive news, posting a picture of a semi-graphic painting accompanied by the text, “can’t give you my album yet, ‬‪but i recorded some demos in my room for u.” The musician also used the caption to outline her thoughts on the project, describing the EP, very aptly, as “the isolation era of me eating the por vida era of me’s pussy.”

Fans and celebrity peers, alike, were clearly excited about the prospect of Uchis re-entering the music scene and could be seen in the comments section detailing their eagerness. Even the elusive Tyler the Creator took to the comments to write, “this hard,” of Uchis’s visually stimulating album art. 

The controversial musician’s last prior release was her standalone single, “Solita,” which was only available for listening late last year, so fans were understandably elated to learn of her new drop. Since then, Uchis has appeared on Free National’s single “Time” and KAYTRANADA’s ever-popular “10%,” and, most recently, made a cameo in Thundercat’s goofy “Dragonball Durag” video.

If one thing is clear, it’s that Kali Uchis used her time away from her personal musical endeavors wisely, being featured in songs created by some of the most sought-after musicians of the moment, posting weekly thirst traps on Instagram, and generally being a musician to watch, and, often, wonder about. Her unique personal style, which has helped her curate a personal image that sets her apart from the other few dozen stars in present pop culture, is suspected to lead the charge in her newest musical embarkation. Tune in on Friday to see if her latest EP lives up to the reputation of its singer

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