Kanye Commemorates Kobe Bryant in his New Video for “24”

Check out Kanye’s new video


“24” centers on Kobe Bryant, 24 being Bryant’s jersey number. Kanye asks god to “Make it alright” to terms of Bryant’s tragic death last year. “God’s not finished,” Kanye chants. “We gonna be okay.”

The video starts in a stadium with fans hands raised to the sky. Kanye slowly rises off the stage and up into the sky. This is a reference to the second listening party Kanye hosted for the release of Donda, where he levitated off the stage at Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz stadium. This comes after his last music video for his song “Come to Life” used footage from his Donda listening party, which was a night of performance art.


As Kanye floats up he sees images of his mother when she was young while he is in a black void. He enters the sky and gently floats above the clouds, shown through circle in the center of the screen. He crosses his arms and starts to fly through the clouds. Then he enters a light with arms outstretched. The ending is unclear as Kanye’s sky because two flat dimensions floating above another sky.

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