Kanye West Drops Theme Song Called “Nah Nah Nah” To Celebrate Fake Polls

The leader of “The Birthday Party” is banking his vote on fake poll numbers.

While the country and the world still struggle to wrap their head around where the presidential race is going after the last debate debacle, underdog nominee slash rapper Kanye West is still running with the idea that he has a credible shot at the job. 

West took to Twitter in complete celebration mode when he found poll numbers from LEX 18 News, showing him ranking third in the Kentucky polls, ahead even of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Despite only being listed on the presidential ballots for 12 states, West posted his enthusiasm about the news in a video in which he says, “GET THE WEST WING READY !!!” Twitter even branded the video as “manipulated media.”

He later dropped a freestyle track which he terms his own “theme song” on Twitter. Just called Nah Nah Nah, the track was set to footage of a UFC knockout on loop, saddled with lyrics about his faith and beliefs and his political sentiments. The track reflects a lot of West’s ideas coming into “The Birthday Party,” his political party.

But here’s the kicker. The source of the poll, LEX 18 News, revealed that the poll numbers were fake and just a test that they were working on. “The results shown were not valid. They were simply part of a test. We regret the discovery of the cached web link and have removed the data from that page. We apologize for any confusion,” they tweeted.

Now that should put a wrench in West’s plans. But, considering he posted his track after the info from LEX 18, maybe this is just his way of giving the world more of his music. 

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