Kanye West Says He Would Have Voted for Trump

Kanye West Says He Would Have Voted for Trump

Here's why we're not surprised.

Here's why we're not surprised.

Text: William Defebaugh

2016 is really going out with a bang. As if last week's election results weren't disheartening enough, we now have Kanye West coming out saying that 1. he didn't vote and 2. if he did, it would have been for President-elect Donald Trump.

The musician and designer made the announcement during a show in San Jose on Thursday night for his Saint Pablo Tour: "I told you I didn’t vote. But if I voted, I would have voted on Trump.” As a defense, West reportedly added that he admired Trump's "politically incorrect" behavior.

While there was a certain amount of back and forth among West's Kardashian family members about who they support (Caitlyn Jenner is a renowned Republican, and Kim had said that before August she was undecided on how she would vote), the revelation comes as somewhat of a shock considering West's and Trump's diametrically opposed values—especially when it comes to racial and LGBTQ equality.

Then again, when considering West's additional comments, it makes a little more sense: “Rappers are philosophers of our now. Celebrities are the influencers of our now, just look at the President, he wasn't in politics and won.”

Ah, yes. Of course West would support Trump's presidency, which can be read as the ultimate symbol of celebrity empowerment in 2016. Want to be president but don't have any governmental experience? Don't fret! All you need to do is host a reality show for a few years and get a really bad wig. The rapper even declared that he would run for president himself during the 2017 VMAs.

It makes sense that West—the ultimate celebrity—would support Trump. If there's anything Kanye West loves, it's anything that empowers Kanye West. Still, it's an incredibly reckless sentiment considering the rapper's sphere of influence, and that one of Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick wants to make gay sex illegal and his new Chief of Staff is a well-known racist.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09: Kanye West performs during Harper's Bazaar's celebration of "ICONS By Carine Roitfeld" presented by Infor, Laura Mercier, and Stella Artois at The Plaza Hotel on September 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar)


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