Kat Alyst Blurs the Lines of Reality Through her Photography

Aqua season and it’s very own photographer.

Photography is a beautiful form of art that not many know how to appreciate. There is this belief that a photograph should be the exact representation of reality. What your eye sees is what your camera lens should capture, and the photo should portray. However, just like with any other art form, photography can be played with, and the artist can create an entirely different vision from reality. An artist who has become an expert on the matter is Kat Alyst.

The Aquarius Photographer

Like every Aquarian, Kat Alyst defies categorization by being original and a little eccentric, which can be appreciated in her work. She lives her life—both personally and professionally—by her own set of rules, not falling for what is typically expected of female photographers.


Kat Alyst prepared herself for a non-traditional road ahead. She graduated from Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Throughout her major, her primary focus was Digital Media and Photography. After graduation, she dedicated her talent, time, and resources to build an incredible photography portfolio that has positioned her as “one-to-watch” this year.


As an Aquarian talent who thrives in an environment that allows her to propose ideas and be relentlessly creative, this photographer manages herself and chooses which clients to work with. This gives her enough freedom to continue sharing her vision, expressing herself, and working with people who are not looking to portray reality in their photos. Working in this manner has allowed her to work between Austin, Los Angeles, and New York while traveling internationally.


Blurring the Lines of Reality

When it comes to her photography, Kat Alyst does not merely photograph reality. She goes beyond what the eye can see as she aims to create a fictional world that is simultaneously fashionable, apathetic, and occasionally nonsensical. With this unique perspective, she offers the audience an oddly familiar glance into the abstract. In order to achieve this, she focuses on creating a moment between the photographer, what or who is being photographed, and the audience, rather than capturing one.


Like every artist, Kat Alyst’s photography carries distinctive characteristics that make her recognizable and help them stand out from the rest. You can recognize visual narratives on distinct color use, apathetic expressions, and a distorted line of surrealism in her photographs. She is known for depicting the subject longing for something that has yet to come. This type of model, the one who stares away at something we do not see, would rather the viewer not visit their world for too long. By photographing in this manner, she creates a viewing experience in which the gaze’s duration becomes a reflection of the piece.

The idea of utilizing photography to represent something that is not actually there is quite innovative. In a recent Yahoo!News interview, Kat Alyst explained this as she mentioned what her favorite part about art is:


Where artwork makes you feel— it captivates this world of emotion and feeling, and it can—obviously we know this, but my favorite part about art is the part of creation that is not only how artwork is maintaining the visible world, but it’s also maintaining an invisible world… and to me, that’s just incredible.

What Will Kat Alyst Show Next?

Audiences everywhere are lucky when artists decide to share their work. They get to experience the talent and go through different emotions they might not otherwise feel. As a modern artist, Kat Alyst has taken to Instagram to share her more recent work with her fans. However, she enjoys exhibitions where she can connect with the audience and present her photos in a different environment.


Later this year, this photographer will be showing a collection titled Someone is Trying to Tell You Something. For this series, Kat Alyst will be focusing on self-portraits to explore her narrative of mental health. She will depict personal events she has experienced in a more serious and vulnerable yet eccentric manner. She has not yet shared the exhibit’s location but is expected to later this year. We cannot wait!


A Kat Alyst Point of View

Since the beginning of her career, Kat Alyst has proven to be an extremely talented and professional photographer. Her work stands out thanks to her unique perspective and her desire to show there is more than meets the eye. With her constant blurring the lines of reality, she has created a work series that will pair her name with the highest photographers. She is one to keep an eye on!




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